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Early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma is crucial in preventing deterioration of vision from disease progression by lowering eye pressure. There are several treatment options for glaucoma including eye drops, laser treatment and surgery. The treatments will largely depend on the type and extent of the disease. All these treatments do not cure glaucoma or reverse vision loss, but reduce the deterioration of the vision.


Prescription eye drops act by lowering the pressure in your eye and preventing damage of the optic nerve. The drops work in different ways to lower eye pressure. Glaucoma requires lifelong  eye drops and follow up. Compliance to prescribed medication if vital to preserve vision at diagnosis.

 Laser treatment is an option in the management of glaucoma depending on the recommendation of your ophthalmologist. It is an outpatient procedure that is quick with little to no discomfort.

Where treatments of glaucoma by eye drops or laser therapy have not been effective,surgery may be recommended . There are different types of surgery for glaucoma that can help lower the pressure in your eye such as Trabeculectomy; Drainage implant surgery; Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS). These procedures may be combined to achieve maximum results

If you need glaucoma surgery in both eyes, your doctor will only do surgery one eye at a time.