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Our Corrective Lens Options

Vision problems resulting from refractive errors can be rectified using corrective lenses. Depending on the refractive error that requires correction,different lens solutions based on a patient's prescription may be recommended. We offer various types of optical lens solutions as explained below:

Single vision lenses

These lenses are designed to correct for only one aspect of vision and are ideal for the correction of either nearsightedness,farsightedness or astigmatisms.If they correct vision problems at the far distance,the person must accommodate to see up close. If the person cannot accommodate,they may need a separate correction for near vision or else use progressive glasses.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses correct two focal distances as opposed to one as is with single vision lenses. Bifocals feature a combination of both distance and near correction, with up top being distance and close-up vision at the bottom of the lens, distinguished by a visible line across the lens Progressive Progressive lenses are designed to simultaneously provide multiple focus points of vision correction on the lense i.e far,intermediate and near. Progressive lenses are also known as no-line bifocals ,although with this lens,an additional provision for intermediate vision is included.

Prism correction

Prism correction is a customized lens treatment that is prescribed to individuals who suffer from double vision also known as diplopia.With double vision, two images are seen because the light falls on different parts of the retina.A prism incorporated to your eyeglasses prescription,redirects light to the right place on the retina in each eye helping the brain to fuses the two images together to one. Strabismus;eye muscle misalignment could be a cause of double vision but similarly certain neurological disorders and nerve-related conditions can contribute to one experiencing diplopia. Due to the customization required for this type of lens a turnaround time of 14-days is advised to allow for shipping,due to limitations of local production.