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Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease occurs when the tears produced are not able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. These tears may be insufficient or of poor quality which can result in paradoxical watering of the eyes. Some of the causes of dry eye disease include autoimmune diseases, allergy, diabetes, prolonged use of computer devices, and advancing years among others. Symptoms of a dry eye include but are not limited to; burning sensation, discomfort, tiredness, strain, soreness of the eye, sensitivity to light, persistent eye redness, feeling like there are particles in the eyes, difficulties in night driving, and watery eyes.

Treating the underlying cause of dry eye is important. In mild cases, eye drops (artificial tears) may be sufficient to relieve symptoms, however more severe cases may require devices(punctal plugs) that are implanted to retain tears or even surgery. If you experience any of these symptoms please book an appointment at Eagle Eye Laser Center