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Lens Enhancement Features

Beyond the corrective properties of a Lens,optical lenses can integrate features that offer more than vision correction.These features can be included to enhance the function and performance allowing you to customize your lenses to suit your everyday needs, improve visual ability and increase ease of handling and durability. Our Optical shop offers various lens enhancement features,from as primary as photochromic adaptive(self- tinting) lenses with Anti-glare coating, to blue-light filter lenses, Impact-resistant lenses, High-index lenses as well as easy adaptation progressive lenses. Let's look at a few options that we commonly recommend

Hi-Index Lenses

Hi-index lenses are made of special compressed plastic material, with which lens thickness can be manipulated, making it an ideal option for production of high prescription glasses. Because they are thinner, hi-index lenses are also subjectively lighter, making them more comfortable to wear. This is important to patients with high prescriptions, as their glasses can be made more cosmetically appealing and improve aesthetics.

Polycarbonate Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are made of a type of plastic that is more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are also much thinner and lighter in weight. Because of these properties, it is the lens material of choice for children, sports lenses, and safety eyewear.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Anti-reflective coating is a lens treatment feature that reduces the amount of reflection falling on a lens. These coatings have different properties and work by reducing unwanted glare which is refracted into your eyes in bright and dark environments. Anti-reflective coating is beneficial for people who have a decreased vision clarity and discomfort associated with glare, on activities such as computer work and night driving. Blue light blocking lenses can also be added to this category of anti-reflective lens treatments, as the are specially designed to block or filter out the harmful blue light emitted from digital screens/devices.Blue Light filtering lenses have been known to greatly reduce effects of Computer vision syndrome(CVS),an eye condition, whose symptoms are associated with prolonged digital screen exposure.

UV blocking treatments

UV filter lenses are designed to reduce the amount of exposure to the sun's harmful UV light radiation to your eyes .This exposure,according to research ,has been linked to being a cause of eye issues such as cataracts and pterygium growths. Scratch-Resistant Coatings Scratch-resistant coatings are applied to the front and back of lenses in the manufacturing process. Although it is important to realize that no lens is scratch-proof, this special coating does make lenses harder to scratch when dropped or rubbed against a hard surface.