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Glaucoma is a condition where the pressure inside the eye is too high for the eye. This leads to damage of the nerve (optic nerve) that connects the eye to the brain eventually leading to irreversible blindness. Glaucoma is known as the silent thief of sight because it rarely causes pain and by the time you notice something is wrong with your vision it is too late. For this reason it is the number one cause of irreversible blindness in the world. Glaucoma mostly affects people who are older than 40 years especially those with a family history of glaucoma. Unfortunately in most cases, it is not diagnosed until extensive damage and loss of vision has occurred. Any damage or vision loss that is caused by glaucoma cannot be reversed. The only way to ensure early diagnosis and timely treatment is regular routine eye check (preferably annually) by an ophthalmologist after the age of forty.

The management of glaucoma includes use of medications, surgery or Laser to lower eye pressure. Compliance to treatment and follow up is key to saving sight in those suffering from glaucoma. At Eagle Eye Laser Centre we have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to ensure timely diagnosis of glaucoma. We have very experienced glaucoma specialists able to provide the highest standard of care for people suffering from glaucoma. Kindly make an appointment for an assessment and save your vision.