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Contact Lenses

Like Eyeglasses,Contact lenses offer an alternative solution to vision correction.Made of special silicone plastic material,gel-like disc shaped lens is directly worn over the cornea,resting on the eye's surface,allowing an individual a more natural appearance free from glasses.

Contact lenses are classified in various ways depending on the vision disorder they correct (e.g toric lenses for patients with astigmatism or special fits of contact lenses for patients with keratoconus),material composition(Soft or Hard contact lenses),wear schedules(how long the lens can be worn in the eye;8-10hr or day and night extended wear contacts), and replacement schedule (duration of time a lens can be worn before it needs to be discarded;daily, monthly or annual disposable). Contact lenses require alot of care,as improper use and handling can lead to eye infections and corneal ulcers. Purchase should be done under professional care to ensure patient education on usage.Our approach to the contact lens fitting includes a comprehensive eye exam to check the overall eye health and vision prescription,then a contact lens consultation to determine proper lens fit and patient education.A contact lens trial period of 2-4 weeks is recommended for first time wearers. Contact lenses may also be worn for therapeutic purposes(applied over the eye surface to promote healing, relieve pain and protect the ocular surface) and cosmetic reasons as is for coloured or costume non-prescription contacts