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Eye Lid Disorders

The eyelids act as a protective mechanism of the eye and any abnormalities may interfere with these functions. Some of the common eyelid disorders include ;

Most commonly known as a stye, hordeolum is an infection of the glands of the eyelid, caused by bacteria already present on the skin surface signified by a small tender swelling. The most common symptoms are redness, swelling and pain/discomfort.

Styes occur mainly in the following instances ; wearing of contact lenses, poor eye hygiene, use of old or contaminated eye makeup; in persons with other eye conditions such as an inflamed or infected eyelid (blepharitis) or diseases such as rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, or diabetes

Treatment measures include ; warm compress on your eyelid for 5 to 10 minutes;  avoid wearing makeup until the infection heals. Early diagnosis and intervention is key to quick resolution of the problem.

Chalazion forms when the glands of the eyelid become blocked, leading to swelling and redness but no associated pain. The symptoms comprise of; a painless bump in your eyelid, mild irritation, causing your eyes to water, occasionally one may experience blurred vision from larger chalazia that pushes on the eyeball. Treatment includes warm compression though in more severe/advanced cases the only option is surgical removal.  

Ptosis is defined as abnormal low lying of the upper eyelids, where the edge of the upper eyelid appears lower than it should be or there is excess saggy skin. There are several reasons the eyelid may droop either due to weakened eyelid muscles from injury or disease or damage to nerves controlling eyelid muscles. While Ptosis may be present at birth, most cases happen with natural aging.

Drooping may be present in one or both eyelids depending on the cause. In some cases only covering the upper eye but in severe cases, the entire pupil may be covered, completely blocking vision.

Treatment of Ptosis essentially begins with an ophthalmology review to assess level of droop, and the extent of vision block using computerized visual field testing. Depending on severity, treatment may be to fix visual impairments due to drooping or for cosmetic purposes. In specific cases surgical treatment is required.

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Bags under the eye, commonly known as eye bags, develop when skin around the lower eyelid area loosens due to weakened muscles, leaving room for fluid/fat accumulation forming a bag in the lower eyelid, which is often painless and harmless.Eye bags are common and often people confuse them with puffiness of the eyes. Whereas the two conditions are closely related; eye bags affect the lower eyelid while eye puffiness may affect both upper and lower eyelid.

Primarily, eye bags are associated with lack of sleep, dietary insufficiencies and stress; However, allergies, medications and some lifestyle habits (drinking, smoking)  have been observed to contribute to it. Aging is commonly observed as one of the main causes of eye bags. There are different approaches to reducing under eyebags depending on causes such as lifestyle adjustments and conservative

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