• Main Branch - Lavington Clinic, Jacaranda 25,Jacaranda Avenue Off James Gichuru Rd
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About Us

Eagle Eye Laser Centre stands as a premier eye medical facility in Kenya, dedicated to providing comprehensive ophthalmology care. Originally known as Hurlingham Eyecare Services, Eagle Eye Laser Centre was incorporated in 2010 and commenced operations in March 2011. Evolving from a solo practice founded by Prof. Dunera Ilako in 2000 to currently a group practice, we have become a renowned eye care medical facility in Kenya and beyond.

Since our establishment in 2000, with over 20 years of expertise in ophthalmology practice, we’ve remained committed to delivering high-quality eye care services. We understand that better sight translates to a better quality of life, a principle we’ve upheld throughout the years. Our mission is to preserve and enhance our patients’ visual function, maintain eye health, and prevent avoidable blindness.

Our distinguished team of doctors comprises of more than six reputable ophthalmologists, collectively offering a broad spectrum of sub-specialty care. From general ophthalmology to pediatric ophthalmology, vision correction surgeries, glaucoma, retina, neuro-ophthalmology, ocular oncology, cornea, cataract, and more, we deliver both medical and surgical treatments for various eye conditions.

With two clinic locations in Lavington and Upper-hill, and an additional upcoming one, we offer convenient one-stop solutions for every aspect of eye care. The main center in Lavington combines consulting and eye examination units, treatment area, diagnostic and eye investigations unit, day-care eye surgery unit, and Lasik Suite. Our state-of-the-art technology, including eye imaging, ensures the highest quality of care. The Upper-hill center serves as a satellite facility, providing outpatient ophthalmic care, excluding diagnostic evaluation and surgical treatment referred to the main clinic. Our facilities also feature in-house ophthalmic pharmacies and optical shops for added patient convenience.

We see ourselves as a hub of eye health expertise, offering comprehensive services that cover major subspecialty care, surgical treatments, and diagnostic eye imaging. Our patient-centered approach aims to serve individuals of all ages, building a community of friends with good vision, healthy eyes, and a preference for our care.


To preserve sight and improve the quality of life through a hub of expertise, committed to offering services to all


A distinguished eye center dedicated to preserving sight and enhancing the quality of life


We continually strengthen our skills and competence, transforming into a hub of specialties in our care.

Our smiles, words, handshake, follow-up throughout a patient’s treatment, and overall conduct showcase our dedication to delivering devoted care.

We are a perpetual work in progress, always striving to explore new skills and technologies to offer the best care to our patients

We operate with and demonstrate high standards of integrity, respect, demeanor, and service.

“Our whole is greater than the sum of our parts.” We value teamwork over individual ability, fostering relationships and partnerships that cut across teams, functions, and geographies, allowing us to create an impact in eye care.


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