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Eagle Eye Laser Centre and Hurlingham Eyecare Services are both a subsidiary of HECS Holdings. Hurlingham Eyecare Services was founded in the year 2000 by Prof. Dr. Dunera R. Ilako, Dr. Wanjiku Kiumbura, and Dr. Kahaki Kimani, and includes an ophthalmological clinic and several optical shops in the greater Nairobi. The practice provides eye treatment services of all kind including surgery.

Using the most modern and advanced technology for eye diagnostics and treatment in the East and Central African region, the doctors are confident they can serve many people suffering from long-term eye conditions while achieving freedom from their glasses or contact lenses, and desire to become the centre for reference for the wider region for any eye related conditions.


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  • Eye Myths Debunked!

    Eye Myths Debunked!

    There are so many eye myths that most people assume to actually be facts. To protect your eyes, it is important to separate fact from fiction. Here we are to …
  • Eye Disorders from Parent to Child

    Eye Disorders from Parent to Child

    Eye disorders can be caused by infection, injury or complications from diseases of other organs, such as the brain or blood vessels. In addition to these influences, genetics play a …
  • A “Simple” Eye Injury Can Cost You, Your Vision

    A “Simple” Eye Injury Can Cost You, Your Vision

    Injuries to the eye may have minimal to adverse effects to an individual. An eye injury is not only restricted to people at work or people taking part in extreme …

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